Incubation Labs for Crisis Management Strategy

Reach the Next Level through Incubation Acceleration.

Having a well thought out crisis management strategy is the foundation to your organizations crisis confidence and success. Incubation labs provide a safe space for intense discussions around crisis strategy and tactics. A crisis management strategy will expedite your organizations ability to develop crisis management plans, train and exercise personnel, and bring in next generation crisis management innovation to augment and enhance your organizations ability to respond and recover from a crisis.

We build your crisis management strategy through a personal, collaborative, and data driven lab that is designed as an innovation accelerator, producing tangible and actionable outcomes. We have a proven methodology for success that includes the following main components:

1) Non-Traditional Ice Breakers

2) Inspirational Scene Setting

3) Team Bonding and Goal Setting

4) Future Immersion

5) Intense Interactions

6) And More

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