Specialized Advisory Consulting Services

Non-traditional, Innovative, and Impactful.

We really bring a lot to the table.

Though our core services are rapid crisis management strategy and innovation + training and education + advanced geospatial data analytics and visualization, we have so much we can offer.

Before we continue. 

We are non-traditional. Which means, we will never try to sell you on additional services (we will of course tell you about them in the beginning, but very lightly).

Now that we got that out of the way. What do we offer in addition to our core services?

We offer advisory consulting services that include:

- Assessments and Digital/ Mobile Planning Competencies

- Business Continuity

- Emergency Management

- Alternate Facility Operations

- Emergency Communications

- Enterprise Risk Management

- Technological Implementation Competencies

- Web-based Virtual Emergency Operations Center

24/7 Virtual Crisis Hotline

- Mobile Operational Planning Software Development

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